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First and foremost...

  • LP Racing's Chassis should only be assembled, installed, and welded by someone experienced and competent in the fabrication, and maintenance of chassis.

  • If you are not sure of how to safely construct, fabricate, and or weld, you should not attempt to assemble or use it.

  • Use of LP Racings support does not guarantee proper installation. YOU, or the person who does the fabrication/installation must know how to properly use this product.

  • Each chassis will be supplied with the major critical dimensions. To protect our proprietary designs, complete blueprints are NOT supplied, as they are not needed due to the precision fitment, which assembles the product for you if you follow the .EASM file.

Chassis Instructions

LP Racings .EASM file will only be given to customers who have already purchased a non-welded chassis, for their specific vehicle.

We use SolidWorks eDrawings Viewer to allow you to view tube location relative to the laser etched part number, for each specific chassis.

This is a free software offered by the creators of Solidworks to allow you to view proprietary drawings as a 3D Model. 

eDrawings Viewer Download


Each .EASM (eDrawings file format) file will show the chassis but with each bent tube, being "unbent." Which is the reason why you will see long tubes that protrude from the chassis.

There will be a blue dotted line in place of its original location.

Each tube is laser etched with a corresponding part number.

Duplicate tubes, as in A Pillars, Strut tubes, etc, will be marked with the same number, but the passenger side being a "mirror image" flip of that corresponding number.


For example, if the driver side A-Pillar said "L4," the passenger side would be "L4" as well, but if you were to look at it through a mirror. Attached is a picture for your reference.


eDrawings Viewer

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