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 We at LP Racing have spec'd out a complete light weight floating rotor brake system for your drag car unlike the off the shelf kits available almost anywhere else. We size the caliper pistion area with a proper master cylinder bore size to achive a excellent pedal feel and brake line pressure. 


This complete brake system includes a LP Racing spec'd Master cylinder, front and rear brake kits, front flex lines, and rear caliper to hard line adaptor fitting. 

 For the front we are using Wilwood’s Dynapro front dynamic (floating rotor) drag kit with hard anodized 3.00 In² piston area forged billet Dynapro four piston calipers, lightweight hubs and 10.75' X .35' steel rotors.

We average weight savings of over 30 pounds compared to factory font brakes with this kit!


 For the rear we use Wilwood’s 11.25" SA dynamic (floating rotor) drag kit with a large 4.80 In² piston area the forged billet Dynapro four piston calipers to provide ample brake torque to shut down even the fastest drag cars.


 The lug drive Dynamic Stainless Super Alloy Rotor is especially beneficial to cars that rely heavily on the rear brakes. This system allows the rotors to move independently of the hats as they expand and contract through heat cycles allowing the rotors stay flatter and run truer. The 11.25 low profile rotor will allow clearance with most bead lock wheels


We use a spec'd Wilwood compact tandem aluminum master cylinder with a fixed mounted pushrod. This master cylinder is only 6.5 inches in length and weighs 3lbs.


To complete the package we include vehicle specific flex lines for the front brakes  and hard line adaptors for the rear.



Complete Wilwood Drag Brake Kit

$2,044.00 Regular Price
$1,850.00Sale Price
  • LP Racing will not guarantee wheel fitment.

    We can provide you with wheel clearance diagrams upon request to help you determine if the brake kits will fit your wheels.

    It is the customer’s responsibility to provide the information to insure the brake kits will fit and function properly.

    • Year make and model of spindle
    • Proper housing flange
    • Correct axle offset
    • For this brake package to function properly you will need a 6:1 manual brake pedal ratio 



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