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LP Racing has designed this brake kit for high performance street driven drag cars. This kit allows you to run a full floating 12.9" rotor along with Wilwoods lightestbillet Dynapro Single caliper.


This kits allows you to have superior braking performance while maintaining a minimum unsprung rotating mass using forged aluminum hats and lightweight 12.9x.38 full-floating steel rotors. The larger rotor supplies ample surface area to help dissipate heat, mounting the rotor dynamically allows controlled movement (float) at the rotor mount points, eliminating thermally induced stress and subsequent rotor distortion (warpage)


The optional LP Racing wave rotor, removes excess material reducing unsprung weight and rotational mass while gives your brake kit a aggressive look.


We at LP Racing designed this brake kit to fulfill the growing demand our customers have for brake kits that meets the needs of their high performance street driven drag cars.


*This brake kit is designed to be used with 17’ or larger wheels  

Strange 17" Front Runner Drag Brake Kit 2 Piston

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